A Few Good Pens

July 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Most of us have a favorite pen. A good pen can help with inspired thoughts while a not so great one can be quite frustrating.

Picture 4

Pilot Frixion

I like this Pilot FriXion pen because you can write and erase notes without needing a correction tape or fluid. What makes this pen unique is its mess-free eraser. I use it for sketching or planning spaces, sequencing my to-do list, doing Math etc… It also comes in as a click-pen so you won’t need to worry about keeping track of the cap. Just a note, remember to not use this pen when you’re signing checks or contracts or any other important documents. The ink also tends to disappear when used on a xerox machine or left in direct sunlight. Other than that, well… it’s great for everything else. (-:




Another click-pen I love is the Faber-Castell Grip X5. Nice smooth ink, light-weight and also comes with a rubber grip that helps spare fingers from callouses (though no eraser).


What’s yours?

*Both available at National Bookstores.

Purge Tip: Check your pens and chuck the ones with dried-up ink. Assess what you have, do you really need 30 pens? Share some! (-:


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