Receptacles of Trash

August 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

One culprit of a messy space is not having a wastebasket in it.


Papers no longer needed are left in a pile eating up space… Torn, left-over packaging of items are nestled with everything else… Of course, there is a trash bin somewhere, it’s just too far from where you are at. (-:

Tip: Place an open wastebasket in every room in your home and see a lot of the mess disappear. No lid litter bins are better for quick dumping (no lifting of lid necessary nor stepping on a pedal to open). Place this bin nearby where you usually park in a space. Choose a good sized one to accommodate more trash.

Picture 7

Design your own like this Acadia Gray and Cream custom hand-painted wastebasket from

Picture 8

Check this DIY Basketball Stand Wastebasket from

Lidded bins are best for kitchen use.

Picture 13

Love this sensor trash bin from simplehuman. The lid automatically lifts with just a wave of your hand.

Picture 14

Homestyle Mesh Wastebaskets available at ACE Hardware. These can also be found at SM and Landmark Dept. Stores in silver and black shades.

I like the triangle one, you can cozy it up in a corner which I like to think makes it easier to score when you try to shoot in trash. Try spray painting these metal wastebaskets from Ace if you prefer more fun colors.

Picture 10

For sorting recyclables – Stainless Steel 2 Compartment Metal Bin from Howard’s Storage World.

*Photo Credits: All photos are from mentioned websites.


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